Телефон Alcatel-Lucent 8058s Premium Deskphone

Прекрасное качество звука и большой цветной дисплей для отображения корпоративного логотипа

  • Superwideband (1) audio quality both from speakerphone
    and handset. This technology offers an outstanding
    conversation quality as if in the same room to sharpen
    focus during important conversations.
  • A large color screen to display your corporate logo and color
    identity and to offer all phone system menus at a glance.
  • Alphabetic keyboard and optional key modules
    for fast and accurate business communications and
    customer service.

(1) Embedded wideband support. Superwideband requires software upgrade: Check availability.

The 8039s model leverages analog cabling and offers a backlit monochrome screen and a 3.5 mm headset jack.